August 11, 2012

And Say! It's Good to be at Camp Ridgecrest!

(Oh yes it is.)

I'm still playing catch up!  These photos are old.  But we took Clara for her first visit to Camp Ridgecrest earlier this summer.  This place is so sacred to us, for it is responsible for much of our individual spiritual growth and development as children and teens and was, of course, where Robert and I met nine years ago.  Just another six years or so, before Clara can go to camp, too.

Easy, Clara.  You have plenty of time to go swimming in Lake Ridgecrest

And just for fun, here are a few oldies of me and Robert from back in the day (our first summer at Camp Ridgecrest for Boys, 2003).

And a few from 2004 too, just for fun. 

Sometimes this old camp seems like a long lost friend.
And say! It's good, to be at Ridgecrest again.


  1. Memories of days gone by and dreams of more to come. Maybe Clara will meet her PRINCE there, too :)!

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