December 24, 2011

A Special Christmas Prayer Request

This is a very special Christmas for us, as I'm sure anyone reading this knows. We have experienced a miracle this year, and have felt God's grace and mercy in a more real way than we could have ever imagined. We rejoice this year with a very different perspective than in years past, and we do it with more gratitude and fervor than ever before.

As I write this, Chrissy and my parents are sleeping soundly upstairs in their beds, and I have just finished giving Clara her nighttime bottle and putting her back down to sleep. A log is still glowing in the fireplace, presents and stockings fill our living room, and Santa's cookies and milk are awaiting consumption. This is a house full of material, physical, and spiritual blessings far beyond our deserving.

And yet my heart is heavy. Some of you may be aware of another CDH baby born recently; little Jude was born a couple of weeks ago to Brian and Rose, with whom we coincidentally have connections through family and camp friends. Jude, like Clara, went on ECMO his second day of life, and is currently experiencing many of the same problems that threatened Clara's survival: pulmonary hypertension, fluid retention, and heart and kidney dysfunction. Jude also has to deal with a serious infection, and on top of all this, he has yet to face surgery to repair his hernia. Jude's parents are updating their blog with specific prayer requests, and Rose has asked everyone to pray as often as possible for Jude in the next couple of days for miraculous healing for Jude. (You can view their blog at

We know firsthand that miracles happen. On this day when we celebrate the miraculous entrance of a Child into the world, please take a moment to join us in praying for Jude to experience the miraculous healing that we've already seen take place in Clara. Pray also for Brian and Rose to experience the peace that passes all understanding, and to find joy and celebration while bearing a burden that no one should ever have to bear.

This is a season of miracles. Pray with us that God will work one in Jude.

Grace, Peace, Joy, and Love to all,



  1. A very Merry Christmas to all. It is with such joy and thanksgiving that I read Clara's blog and see how beautiful and happy she is. What a blessing God has given us all. May she grow stronger and healthier in the new year. Can't wait to see she and Eleanor growing up together.

  2. A prayer just said for baby Jude, Brian and Rose. May God find it in his power to bless another family as richly as He has blessed yours. Merry Christmas to you, Robert. We correspond so often with Chrissy but have you deep in our hearts, too! What a source of strength you are to your sweet family.

  3. Robert,
    Just read your post today...and I'm crying. Thank you for sharing about our sweet boy and asking for prayers. You are both such dear friends to us even though we've not officially met. Thank you for all your encouragement, love and prayers!


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