December 22, 2011

Red Velvet Christmas

We have been incredibly blessed to have a lot of hand-me-downs from good friends and two older cousins.  I know that Clara's wardrobe seems never-ending, but I promise I've done very little shopping for her!  This dress was in the stack from one of my favorite former students and it was so fun to put her in it, knowing that it was once worn by sweet Sophie!

Ahhh, but the problem with being on house arrest during Christmastime is that there aren't many occasions to put on a fancy dress!  This morning, we slipped away and met Grandma Doris and Kathy at Cracker Barrel for a Christmas lunch!  That's all the occasion we need.  Cracker Barrel?  Velvet dress?  Yes, that happened.

I have to say, Clara was pretty excited to be out in the world.  She was experimenting with new volumes we don't usually hear while in the restaurant!  I think she was trying to be louder than the hum of all the other guests. We'll have to work on our "restaurant voices"....

Mom and I were a little anxious about having her out.  It was clear to us how paranoid of germs we've become.  I brought my ziplock bag of Clorox wipes with me and was constantly wiping things down.  There are germs everywhere!  Hopefully we've sterilized enough and didn't bring any of those buggies home.  Just today, I've read about four other CDH babies close to Clara's age who have colds right now.  Eeeeeeee!!!!  Thanks for your continued prayers for a healthy winter.  I know that's more effective than all the lysol and bleach in the world....

The posed portraits are from another quick photo shoot in the bonus room this afternoon.  Can't pass up an opportunity to capture some grins when she's looking this cute.... After all, you don't wear a red velvet dress every day.


  1. Sweet as a button love the little red dress. What a Christmas gift from God she is!!!! Merry Christmas from the High Family in Lincolnton!!!!

  2. Love it! Great photos and wonderful post. Merry Christmas!


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