November 14, 2011

Clara Catch Up

I'm a little behind on photos.  There's not much of a unifying theme to these, but we've just got a little of catching up to do from the past couple of weeks.  Here's a little glimpse of what we've been up to. 

Clara is really, really, really into standing right now.  It's pretty much all she wants to do.  All the time.  It makes doing our physical therapy and tummy time and really anything else super difficult.  Because she will find a way to wriggle herself on to her feet and pull up.  She's not cruising or anything (in fact, we haven't even mastered crawling), but she sure does love pulling up to standing and hanging out there.  I can't believe how big it makes my girl seem....

No need to play inside the exersaucer if you can just hang out on the outside of it, huh?

Here's Clara doing a little physical therapy with Cindy, our physical therapist who we love!  She's doing a great job of helping Clara get stronger and Clara loves her time with Cindy.

Mama works hard with Clara on physical therapy between our sessions with Cindy, too:

While the leaves were all pretty, we spent an afternoon at Tanglewood getting some professional photos taken.  This one is mine (I'll post the "real" ones in another post), but is nice...

The photo shoot really wore our girl out.  On the five minute drive home from Tanglewood, this happened:

We've been working on eating.  *sigh*  Clara is still really not a fan of solids.  We've got an appointment with Dr. C tomorrow and are hoping that we get some new strategies and help.  Right now, I'm afraid I'm gonna be nursing this kid till she goes to college.  One of the suggestions for helping Clara get better with food is to let her just "play" with it.  Dr. C suggested that we let her paint herself with baby food and just make a big 'ole mess.  So, that's what we've been doing.  It starts out like this:

And ends up like this:

Mama K and Daddy Bob came for a visit!  It has been way too long since we had seen them, and we loved letting them love on our little girl.

Other than that, we've just been playing lots.  Here's Clara baking a pretend cake (aka: playing with a bowl and spoon because all her many toys were getting just a little boring):

Thanks for following us!  We think this little bundle just gets cuter and sweeter every day.


  1. She is so cute! I just wanted to say, my 3rd son wanted nothing to do with solids, whether I gave them from a jar or made them myself, whether they were chunky or not, I tried everything and too thought he would be nursing for the rest of his life! I just kept trying and wasted alot of food but around the time he turned 1, he just decided to like it and only nursed till he was 23 months! I hope Clara will just decide to like it one day too! GOod luck!

  2. Being a kindergarten teacher sure helps with being creative and NOT minding a mess, right????? Don't worry ... when she is ready to eat .... SHE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Relax and have fun everyday!

  3. I find it so interesting how similar babies can be even when they are in different situations! My name is Karen and I came across your blog after reading Maddie's story. I have prayed for your little Clara and am so excited with all that God has blessed your family with. I can't help but remember to pray for you daily because I too have a little one that was born on March 25 and her name is Claire. So every time I sit to play with my Claire or we sit down to nurse, I am reminded to lift your little Clara up to God and pray for good health during this season.

    I find it interesting that my Claire seems to be right at the same stages as yours even though they had a much different beginning. Claire is also not too interested in food and we have been trying lots of different games to get her to eat. I finally went from 6 nursings a day to 5 (just stretched the time out in between each one a little) and that has seemed to help. I am not one who likes to compare children because I really believe that each child develops at his/her own pace, but I can't help but look at your pictures and notice that Clara and Claire are keeping pace with each other. (Although...Clara looks much more steady standing than Claire). It is clear that Clara is really a fighter and she has worked hard to catch up even after such an amazing start to her life!!!


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