July 13, 2011

Wait for Weight

Well, the wait to see if Clara has gained the weight she needs to is nearly over.  We head back to the pediatrician tomorrow for another weigh-in.  It will have been two weeks since her last one so he will wanting to see 14 ounces.  I do think she's been gaining some, but I'm kind of skeptical that it's going to be that much, so I'm a little anxious and worried and nervous about the appointment.  If she hasn't gained enough, the ng tube will have to go back in for awhile.  I hate that tube.  Your prayers for weight are appreciated!  We'll let you know tomorrow what the verdict is. 


  1. That IS a lot, Chrissy. The doctor knows what Clara needs no doubt. I just looked up what Brennan gained in the 2 months between his 2 and 4 months check-up, and he gained an average of 0.6 ounces a day...from 11 lb. 13 oz. to 14 lb. 3 oz. Do breastfed babies gain an ounce a day? I'm praying!

  2. i'm a reader of your blog...we have daughters who are close in age... :) and i've prayed for your sweet baby girl... :)
    i breastfeed...my daughter was born in mid-Feb. (she's 5 months old) and weighs about 13 lbs. - she doesn't gain a lot... she's only gained about a pound each month... and my 2 1/2 year old was the same way... the docs have said that they are just really efficient nursers...they get want they want and what they need...and they don't gain a lot (boy, i wish i had this talent :))... with this being said, i'd think a gain of anything is pretty good...
    i guess i would ask why they feel the need to but her NG tube back in if she's eating well, gaining (even if it's not the "target"), and if she is pleasant and happy and not hungry... if she's thriving and growing...these seem to be more important questions instead of hitting a certain number (i would think)... we'll be thinkin' about you and praying that you get good news! :)


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