July 14, 2011

C-?! We'll take it!

Dr. S was kind enough to break it down into teacher talk for me today... he said, "Well, you passed.  But it's not an A+."  I've always kind of been an A+ kind of gal, but if a C- keeps that ng tube out, I'll take it!  Clara weighed in at 12 pounds, 4 ounces, up seven ounces in two weeks.  He would have liked to have seen double that - 14 ounces or an ounce a day.  But at least it was a gain, so he was okay with us leaving the tube out and continuing to breastfeed like a crazy lady.  Because that is in fact what I do.  Almost all I do.  We're also going to try to start introducing some rice cereal.  I can't believe I'm gonna start this little baby on SOLIDS, but if it will help her pack on the pounds, we'll give it a shot.  She may not really be ready yet, but hopefully starting to introduce it some now will help her catch on sooner rather than  later. 

So, she was at about 75th percentile when she was born.  After all the medical hoopla, she dropped down to about the 25th percentile.  She's been hanging in pretty steady there until these past few weeks and she's dropped to about the 21st percentile.  Now, of course she's still on the chart which is good and she hasn't had a dramatic drop, but they'd like to see her continue to track along at least the 25th percentile, or even better start to inch closer to the 50th.  It's going to take more than half an ounce a day gain for that to happen.

We're likely going to be battling this weight gain issue for awhile.  It seems that this is the last lingering problem for most babies with a diaphragmatic hernia.  It's just an indication that although she's healthy in many many ways, she is still a chronically sick baby with a medical history that puts her a little behind.  The good news is that she's happy - I mean really happy, that she's growing (I swear her clothes are getting tighter, regardless of what the scale may say), and that she's changing and achieving developmental milestones almost daily.  She has plenty of wet and poopy diapers.  So the big picture is she's doing okay, at least in my book.  We'll be back in a couple of weeks for another weigh in and I'm guessing this feeling of worry and dread is going to continue to hang over us for awhile. 

Thanks for continuing to pray for Clara to fatten up! 


  1. I saw someone in Wal-Mart today wearing their Pray for Clara Mae Hardy t-shirt! We will continue to lift up Clara Mae and her mom & dad in our prayers...I will be praying about that cereal! Love from Elberton, Mary Ann & Chuck Martin

  2. I agree with you Chrissy - I would take the C for now and wait. If she isn't throwing up, is happy and gaining gradually, then I think she is doing well at this time point. When you think back to all she has been through, she is an amazing miracle! and your commitment to breast feeding is terrific and extremely beneficial, now and for many years to come. You all are doing a great job - I am impressed!

  3. My son was born 5 weeks premature (my water broke at 24.5 weeks). He didn't even make it to the 5th percentile until he was 6 years old. But the pediatrician said that as long as he gained weight & kept on his own curve (even though it was under any "colored" curve on the chart), that it was ok. Keep your chin up. Good luck with the rice cereal. I continue to pray for Clara every day(and look forward to new pictures!!!).

  4. What a testimony Clara and your family have been to so many people in so many states! I am so glad you are able to breastfeed her- she is blessed to have such amazing parents.

  5. This really is great news!! I still think of you often and pray for growth and strength for Clara Mae. Thank you for continuing to share your wonderful story with us!

  6. Begone, worry and dread -- you are not worthy of Clara Mae, her parents, or our God! I hope and pray you can continue to enjoy this precious child and not worry too much about the weight. I have three children, none of whom have EVER been above the 10th percentile -- but all healthy and happy. Let's remember that 21st or 25th are still perfectly in the "normal" range of size. Sounds to me like you have a happy, typically developing baby who may be settling in to her own healthy weight. She has surprised us all so far, in such wonderful ways. Go, Clara! Will pray for growth, and for peace of mind.

  7. So happy the little miracle is gaining and she will soon be so chubby that we will look back and chuckle about getting her to gain weight. Not sure if you have seen my Maddox, but he even was not weighing in adequatly as a baby!!! And he was a CHUNK!! Now, I know these are two totally different situations, but our little fighter won't slow down now.

    I also wanted to tell you that making your own baby food is SO EASY!!! WE made all of Beckett's food and he now eats ANYTHING just like his brother! It's super easy, especially with a magic bullet or baby bullet and we saved TONS of money! Praying for all of you as always, and if you are interested in making your own baby food and have any question, just let me know!!

    -Rebecca Smith

  8. Well, I think she's doing great. Everybody knows a breast fed baby does not gain like a bottle fed baby. But, I can see why they want to encourage her to gain, being in the 21st percentile. Sounds like she's doing what she's suppose to be doing, if she's happy, and diapers indicate things are working correctly. Hang in there Miss Clara. You can do it !!


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