February 20, 2011

Clara's Room

Preparing a space for Clara has been an important part of my personal processing about all we’ve learned in the past few months.  As I shared when we put the crib together shortly after her diagnosis, these tangible acts have been a way for me to feel like I am slowly putting her together, and a reminder that we have prepared a place for her with the optimistic anticipation that we will bring her home to enjoy this space.  During a time when there’s not much I can do for her, putting her room together has felt like some small act of offering on my part.    

I’ve had ideas about what I wanted a nursery to look like since before Clara was ever even conceived.  My ideas have changed some, but this fabric I chose back in the summer when I knew I was pregnant, couldn’t tell anyone yet, and was too sick to do much besides surf the internet between trips to the toilet.  I knew I wanted it to be gender neutral, regardless of the gender, so it could be used again for a sibling someday.  And although I’m tickled pink about having a girl, I never wanted lots of pink or flowers or lace.  I’ve always been a color person, and the bright and bold colors that we’ve chosen to fill Clara’s room seem fitting for a girl whose name means, “bright, clear.”  It already brings me joy to go and sit in there; I hope it brings her the same joy as she grows up in it. 

A nursery is often more the reflection of the parents mother than it is the child, and I suppose our room is no exception.  My passion for children’s literature is a natural extension of my career, but a love I hope we will pass along to Clara, too.  The artwork in her room was carefully selected from some of Robert’s and my favorite children’s books.  Soon Clara will know these stories, too. We can't wait to read them (and many, many more) to her.

Here it is. 

Changing table/dresser and glider

The fully assembled crib, complete with bedding

Her bookshelf, with just a few of the many, many titles she'll have to choose from thanks to eight years of her mother teaching elementary school. 
The big bright windows that fill this room with glorious sunlight (and the blackout curtains that I hope keep her sleeping soundly in spite of it!)

A little handmade bunny we bought in Ireland, hoping we'd soon have a baby to give it to.

The rocking chair from the Jackson girls
The view as you walk in the room
The view from the closet corner
The view from the glider corner

The view from the crib/window corner
Now for your children’s literature quiz.  Can you name the books for all of these illustrations?

I love it here.  My heart is filled with peace and joy when I spend time in this room.  I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all turned out.  Mission accomplished. 


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room! It all looks so beautiful and inviting. Great choice in fabric. The only thing it needs now is Clara!

  2. It's beautiful and inspiring... and I would expect nothing less from you! :)

  3. Clara's Pictures

    The Little Engine That Could (Clara is the little engine)
    Horton Hears a Who ("A life's a life no matter how small")
    Blueberries for Sal
    Runaway Bunny
    Guess How Much I Love You
    The Velveteen Rabbit
    Where the Wild Things Are ("Oh no, please don't go. We'll eat you up we love you so.")
    Goodnight Moon
    Goodnight Gorilla
    Peter Rabbit
    Sleeping House (this is the only one I have seen but have not read)

    My wish: for Clara to come home to this beautiful room and snuggle in bed with Mommy and Daddy kissing her and reading her all these fabulous books. Bedtime is such a special time of day for reflection and loving. I hope she has many, many of them. And I hope Mommy and Daddy always read her one last book because that's more important than 10 minutes of sleep!


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