December 2, 2010

23 weeks - Lung Development

One of the email lists that sends me weekly updates about the baby's development in utero has this to say today about the 23rd week:

  • "Your baby's lungs develop rapidly this week as they prepare for birth.

  • Her lungs are producing a substance called surfactant that allows the lungs to inflate and deflate without collapsing or sticking together. 

  • Blood vessels in your baby's lungs also are growing and developing in preparation for breathing.

  • Your baby is making breathing-like movements for practice, moving amniotic fluid in and out of her lungs.

  • Although your baby is getting all of the oxygen she needs from your placenta, this practice is important for developing her diaphragm muscles."

  • If this is a big week for lung development, we hope that you will join us in praying that all of these things are happening well with Clara right now and that her lungs can work to the very best of their ability once she is born and starts using them to breathe air.  


    1. The liver being where it belongs is a good thing to an old NICU nurse. I enjoyed seeing Miss Clara's pictures, thank you for posting them!
      Prayers and blessing, Joanne

    2. Hello, I'm a student of your Mothers. I've been following your progress and wanted you to know you're on my daily prayer list. The picture of Clara praying is so appropriate. Keep your faith!!


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