October 9, 2015

Baby's First Year

Eloise's first year ended several months ago, but I still tear up when I start thinking about how it's gone.  What is it about that first year in the life of a new human?  It's so exhausting, so overwhelming, such an adjustment.  As a nursing mother, I feel so tethered and oftentimes a slave to schedules.  But so much happens.  Personality emerges.  Milestones are checked off (figuratively, of course... if you think this blog is in bad shape, you should see poor Eloise's baby book).  Teeth pop in all over the place.  So much learning and growing and becoming occurs.  I hardly remember our family without Eloise.  One year seems so short and also like forever.  She is my little pal and we spent so  much time together during her first twelve months of life... more than we ever will again.  I treasure the sleepless hazy memories and although I know that what's ahead is even more fun in so many ways, I am still mourning the loss of babyhood.  I truly love the first year and now it's over.  Thanks for all the snuggles, Eloise.  You're the most perfect baby and I love you.


  1. You have such adorable little daughters really and judging from the pictures you shared, both of them sure do love playing around the beach haha.

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