December 6, 2014

Looking Back: October {Eloise at Five Months}

I may not get these photos posted on time, but at least I get them taken.  I loved these five month photos of Eloise.  Perfectly October-y.  At five months old she was starting to sit up for short amounts of time (or tripod style), rolling from tummy to back (but not the other way quite yet) and still loving being with her people.  I could have sworn she was cutting teeth, but here we are a month later and still no sign of them.  She was happy though, if not the best sleeper at this age.  We joke about playing "Whack a Weezie" because naptime (and bedtime) sometimes feels like that old arcade game of Whack A Mole (I promise we don't actually whack her.... just you know, going back in there to settle her or get a paci or help with a burp, etc.).  She loved hearing songs or nursery rhymes like Pat-A-Cake and was becoming more and more interested in toys.  She's so very alert and happy.  She's flexible and rolls with our crazy schedule.  And she adores her sister.

Thanks to Mama K for making this gold afghan many years ago.  It was the perfect backdrop for these fall photos.

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