November 26, 2014

Looking Back: August {White Dresses}

You know how the laundry gets piled up sometimes and it's such a huge pile, like eight or ten loads worth, and you think that it would be impossible to ever get it folded so you just don't and then it piles up more and more and more?  And the bigger the pile gets the more overwhelming it feels to do it so you just don't do it at all?  Please tell me this happens to someone other than me.  I have a major laundry problem.

Well, about a month ago I decided that I had to figure out a new laundry system.  Like desperately.  So, Sweet Mama took Clara to Raleigh for the weekend to visit her cousins and I did laundry for forty eight hours straight.  Or at least it seemed that way.  But I went to bed that Sunday night with every single piece of laundry in the entire house washed, dried, folded and put away.  If you're a young mom you ought to know that's like a mythical moment.  And since that Sunday night I have diligently done one load of laundry start to finish every single day and gone to bed each night, with few exceptions, with every single piece of laundry put away.  I'm trying hard to not let that pile of laundry get quite so big again.

This blog is like that for me.  I get a post or two behind.  And then it's a month.  And all of a sudden it's the end of November and I still haven't posted pictures from the beach this summer.  That's where we are folks.  But the Type A person that I am really wants for all of 2014 to get put in 2014, even if it's not in the right month.  So, I'm about to do that big giant catch up with hopes that I can maintain through the fun, busy holiday season ahead.  Hold on to your hats, folks (if anyone is even still reading this), we're about to have a whirlwind of posts!

You've just got to start folding one shirt at a time, right?  Let's start with a teeny little post of these sweet girls back in August wearing precious white dresses.  I cannot get enough of the matchy little girl thing and I'm going to ride this as long as they will let me.

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