August 9, 2014

Baby's First Beach Trip

Having a baby born in mid-May, I was too scared to plan any beach trips for this summer until Labor Day.  I just couldn't fully convince myself that she would be healthy, or even if she were healthy that she wouldn't have colic or hate to travel or be generally too difficult to manage a beach trip with.  But once Eloise arrived and proved herself to be the world's best baby and we had a last minute chance to go to the beach for a few days, we jumped on it.  Sadly, Robert had to work, so he missed out on Eloise's very first time in the ocean.  Fortunately, she won't really know the difference... she pretty much just slept right through it all.   And we'll be back again soon... with Daddy next time!

For now, lots of pictures of baby sleeping on the beach and a few of big sister playing hard, like she does.

I even snuck in a little (extra) light beach reading.  (I recommend.  I love Mindy.)

How we ate, by night and by morning, on the porch.  Not a bad life.


 A few fishy outfits...

Their cousins came to spend the second half of the week there, so we overlapped just a couple of hours and snapped this moment of all four of them together.

See you again, soon Kure!  Thanks for the good memories of Eloise's first visit to the beach.  I'm sure she'll grow to love it as much as her sister, mama and Sweet Mama do!

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