July 5, 2013

Kure for the Summertime Blues {Part 3: Sand and Sea}

Eating shrimp and visiting the aquarium and going to the boardwalk and walking down the pier are all lots of fun.  But the best part of the beach..... is the beach.  Our girl loves it out there.  She may look like her daddy, but I think she has a beach spirit like her mama and Sweet Mama.  She was afraid of those amusement park rides, but had not one bit of fear for the giant waves (we were there during a tropical storm, so the waves were big and rough!) and would just wallow in the sand with total disregard for it finding its way into every last crevice of her body.  Ahhh.... this is the life.

She was still on a mission to catch those seagulls in her net.

 Thanks Be To God.


  1. Chrissy....
    Clara and I share something in common--other than CDH!!--I, too, love visiting our local beaches!! It is serenity!! You can employ nearly all of your five senses at the beach alone. Touch its sand. See the tide come in and out, in and out, in and out, crashing against rocks. Taste saltwater taffy. Smell the fishy ocean. Hear flocks of seagulls' cries.... ;)

  2. Thanks for the "beach trip" .... can hardly wait to go and do it all, too. What memories you are building for Clara. Nothing beats family vacations! She is such an adorable "bathing beauty". Bet she will love those rides next year.


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