February 5, 2013

Christmas Eve

What?  It's almost Valentine's Day and I'm still slowly plodding through Christmas posts and you're tired of it?  Me too.  But I can't just STOP before we even get to Christmas Day.  So, I carry on.

Christmas Eve we decided to break the rules again and take Clara to the 5:00 Family Service at church.  She was so excited about Baby Jesus and the whole Christmas story and I just felt like it was important for her to be at church on Christmas....where we're supposed to be.  So, we got all dolled up...

And let Clara open her first Christmas present from us...

 Which was intended as a bribe to keep her busy, still and quiet during the church service.

Let me just say, that was wishful thinking.  Clara was busy alright, but quiet and still were not a part of our experience.  It was an exhausting hour for me.... I think she may not be making a repeat appearance in the sanctuary at KBC until she's, oh, twelve or so.

 Still, it was pretty sweet to watch her face light up at the music and singing and candles...

When we got home we enjoyed a simple supper together as a family and let Clara open one more gift before bed.

Her Christmas jammies!

After putting those jammies on, Sweet Mama helped her put some cookies and egg nog out for Santa.

Time for visions of sugarplums to dance in her head!


  1. Beautiful dress and pictures! So glad you went to Christmas Eve services. Sometimes you just have to break the rules. :) We had the same experience this year-- we so wanted to bring Rebekah to our Hanukkah service when everyone brings their menorahs. It was an epic fail! :)

  2. Chrissy....
    What?! Tired of Christmas?! Never!! I love, love, love Christmas!! It is my number one favorite holiday!! I also like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and St. Patrick's Day!! ;-D
    I was never a still, quiet child during church services, either!! And. To top that off, I gave my parents quite the run for their money, not just being born with CDH!! I was a naughty, rebellious, disobedient, unruly, no-walk-in-the-park little girl!! But, Mom and Dad continued to work with me!! And, guess what? All of their efforts were paid off!! Just be patient.... ;)
    Santa Claus likes eggnog!! Traditionally, he prefers plain milk, but I love how Santa does it differently over at your house!! Ho, ho, ho!! ;-D

  3. My CDH son Liam, my daughter Lanie and I all think Clara is wonderful! We love all the post you do and the pictures! Your joy and excitement for Christmas and family really shined through in your post and inspired us. We have a pretty small family with almost no family on my side so if it wasnt for your blog my kids woulnt know what a big family was like. Nor would they know the BIG Amazing Christmas's I grew up with, like the ones you blog about. The kids love looking at all the pictures and smileing and laughing about the things Clara is doing. She done so well and come so far that it gives us so much hope for the future. Thank You


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