July 5, 2012

Beachin' 2012: Cousins and New Friends

I have some cute Fourth of July photos to share, but I'm determined to get some of these other blogposts that have been waiting for me to get around to them up first.  So, here's the final beach post.  Until we go back next time, of course....

Clara loved the sand.  She loved the water.  She loved the shells.  She loved chasing the seagulls.  But her favorite part of the beach... to no surprise... was the people.  This child just loves people.  And she does not hesitate to flash her toothy grin and wave and blow kisses and try to win the hearts of family, friends and strangers alike.  So the beach was just perfect.  Tons of people smiling at her and a chance to meet many strangers.  She even climbed up into some people's laps while they sat innocently in their beach chairs, unsuspecting.  She is social, this one.

Here are some photos of her and her cousin, Caroline.

Not that you can tell in this picture, but there's another cousin cookin' in that belly.  Coming in November.  Can't wait to meet him or her!

Who needs a hot tub when you have a ten dollar inflatable from Dollar General?

Here they are dancing.  Impromptu beach dance party? Yes.

And here's just one example of Clara finding a new friend on the beach....

Can't wait till next year! 


  1. So so sweet! And another entry in the Bonnie and Clara similarities department--Bonnie has not one, but *two* cousins named Caroline! :)

  2. "CAROLINA GIRLS .... BEST IN THE WORLD!!!" So glad they are getting into shagging on the beach and picking up cute beach boys!!!!! I have so enjoyed sharing your vacation ... thanks!


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