June 18, 2012

Watermelon in the Pasture

Perhaps you noticed in the Father's Day pictures I posted that Clara was wearing an adorable watermelon outfit?  Well, yes.  And couple that with the gorgeous backdrop of pasture in Elbert County, GA and I couldn't resist snapping a few more treasures.  (Don't worry, there are more beach photos coming soon too. But these were too good to resist.)

Here is a younger version of Robert and me many moons ago in 2004

I have been replaced in that hammock and I can't think of a better replacement....

 Happy times.

Say it with me now, "Thanks Be To God."


  1. THANKS BE TO GOD!!! Seriously that is the cutest outfit ever!

  2. She is too stinking' cute! Her looks are changing a little bit!

  3. Need flip-flops and watermelon TODAY! These pics make me want to go out and play! How can Clara Mae get any cuter???? I think she has won ALL our hearts. More, more, MORE!!!!!!

  4. Can Clara get any cuter?! Keep the pictures coming, they make my day!

  5. How sweet, she's beautiful and "THANKS BE TO GOD "

  6. Everytime I see Clara I don't think she can be any cuter, these photos are absolutely adorable. You sure captured her sweet personality in these. Please continue to post photos. I love them and check everyday to see how Clara is doing. Thanks Sandra Curtis


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