April 17, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Big Daddy and Sweet Mama were sweet enough to offer us some extra tickets to join them at the Dash baseball game on Sunday.  It was Clara's first baseball game and she had a grand time!  Last year this time, we attended one baseball game on a much needed hospital break and I remember pumping in a nasty bathroom at the stadium.  Bringing our healthy happy girl along was much, much better.

It was a beautiful afternoon to spend at a beautiful stadium.

Clara pulled hard for the Dash by clapping....


 And sticking her tongue out at the Mudcats.

She can't quite eat peanuts and cracker jacks, but she snacked on some strawberries....

And enjoyed watching all the sights and people.

When it was time for the seventh inning stretch, she got up with Sweet Mama and helped sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame!"

She even got to meet Bolt!

When the game was nearly over, we went to the Kid Zone to let her ride the carousel.  First with Daddy....

And then with Mama and Sweet Mama:

The Dash rallied for a 6-5 victory over the Carolina Mudcats.  Clara must be their lucky charm.


  1. This is one of my favorite posts! Super cute as always. Love to you all.

  2. May you guys enjoy many such outings as you come out of hibernation and introduce Clara Mae to her big, wide, WONDERFUL world! Happy, happy days ahead!

  3. Love this! Our sweet little CDH girl is due in June, and I pray that she does as well as Clara. :)
    Leslie (www.babybeehelms.blogspot.com)

    1. Leslie,
      Have been following (ie: secret lurker stalking) and praying for Baby Bee since your diagnosis and will continue doing so!! Let us know if there's anything we can do to love, support, and encourage you guys. I'm assuming you're in touch with the Morrisons too? We are MORE than happy to answer any questions, listen to you vent, or whatever else you may need on your journey! (chrissyhardy@gmail.com) Prayers for Baby Bee!


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