Who We Are

**ROBERT NOTE: I can't bring myself to delete Chrissy's description of who we were. So you can read about that below. We're still the same family, but we're different now.**

We're a family of five, living in NC, loving each other and trying our best to serve God by fulfilling His calling in our lives.

Chrissy is an elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom to sweet Clara, one year old.  She continues to teach a little as an adjunct professor at Salem College in the education department.  When not corralling these little people, she enjoys taking photos, reading, cooking, crafting, and being outside.  She used to travel and looks forward to the day that might happen again.  But this gig right now, raising these girls, it's the best gig she's ever had.

Robert works as a sales representative for a company that supplies medical equipment for residents in nursing homes.  He drives hundreds of miles every week to bring home the bacon for this sweet family.  He loves the outdoors and used to have more time to whitewater kayak, rock climb and backpack.  He looks forward to the day that Clara is big enough to go canoeing with our family.  

Clara is living proof that God still performs miracles.  She was not expected to live after her diaphragmatic hernia and hypoplastic left lung caused severe pulmonary hypertension at birth.  She's got a fighting spirit and is the answer to millions of fervent prayers.  She loves animals, exploring outside, reading, talking to her imaginary friends and going to the beach.

Eloise is full of smiles, giggles and nonsense words.  She adores her big sister, loves eating and is always looking for something to climb.  She is our sunshine and has completed our family and brought peace to our hearts in ways we never imagined she could.  She's as feisty as her sister, but the happiest baby we've ever known.

Rufus is the world's most perfect puppy.  He found us on Halloween night in 2007 and immediately stole our hearts.  He enjoys long walks off his leash, chasing squirrels, doing tricks, and taking up too much room in our bed.  He hates baths.
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