November 27, 2014

Looking Back: Labor Day {Kure Beach}

Five days.  Seventy photos.  And I thought I'd filtered them down to a reasonable amount.  Looking back at these a couple of months later, I can almost feel the sunshine beaming down on me, the smell of that ocean air, the sticky salty feeling that clings to you after a day spend near the ocean.  The beach is so so good for my soul.  This is my happy place.  Thankful that we had a chance to spend some time there together as a family before summer ended.  I think you can see the happiness on all our faces; Clara is surely a beach girl too.  Eloise will soon learn too, I suspect.  Boardwalk, beach, aquarium and more.... these are precious times.

Without further ado, here's some warm memories of one of my very favorite places with my most favorite people.  Goodness.


  1. Loved your mom and the girls having matching dresses ... how adorable! Sweet, sweet family!


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